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What About The Romans and Elin Nordegren aka Elin Nordgren?


      We must settle the Jesus case beyond any doubt before it ends life on Earth. Have you figured out yet who murdered Jesus? Have you figured out yet that no one murdered Jesus? Jesus wasn't murdered. World War 2, The War Against the Jews was for nothing. 20 million Christians and Jews died in World War 2 for nothing. This is why God of Mount Sinai said through Prophet Isaiah that the bible writing Priests and Prophets were creating for the people a shelter, a refuge, of lies and falsehoods, (Isaiah 28:14-15) which would cause the people to fall backward and be broken and ensnared and taken. (Isaiah 28:9-13). 

     A person who holds up a forgery as the truth is also guilty of the crime of forgery. God said of the bible writers, "They say, 'Says the Lord', when the Lord has not sent them." Your God of Mount Sinai called your holy bible writers forgers of His will. (Ezekiel 13:1-22). God in the Holy Bible tells these Priests and Prophets who wrote your holy bibles, "You prophesy by Baal, Beelzebub, Satan!" (Jeremiah 2:8). This is the Holy Scripture of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

     We have already seen that had the Bible been the Word of God Jesus was not murdered. On the other hand if the Holy Bible (other than the 2 stone tablets), the only witness in the Jesus case is not the Word of God but a bunch of lies and falsehoods and forgeries, human stories signed "God" according to God then there is no credible evidence in the case; so why are we wasting our breath even talking about the Jesus case let alone having a world war 2 over it, or an Apocalypse? Case against the Roman and Jewish people 2,000 years ago dismissed.

     Jesus Christ called the extra 603 commandments "commandments of men". He said that the Prophet Isaiah was right, that the people only paid lip service to God and that they worshipped God in vain and that their hearts were far from God, they did not 10ve God. He said that the Prophet Isaiah was right when God said through Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 29:13, "Full well you reject the commandments of God, that you may keep your own traditions. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (Mark 7:6-9 K.J.V.). Jesus called the extra 603 commandments "heavy burdens grievous to be borne placed on men’s shoulders by the scribes (Bible Writers) and Pharisees. He accused the scribes, the Bible writers of playing Moses, the man who transcribed the ten commandments dictated by God. (Matthew 23:1-4). He accused them of substituting their human commandments for the 10 Divine ones. The human stories and laws signed "God" are deadly. The Divine ones are All Powerful and Life Saving. 

     A lawyer asked Jesus, "Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest? He said to him, "You shall 10ve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." You must stop murdering. It will take superhuman strength but your survival instinct and your God spirit is infinitely more powerful than your demon spirits and your savage animal killer instinct. Jesus continued: This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it. "You shall 10ve your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." Jesus hit the delete button on 603 commandments. Your Holy Bibles called this a capital crime punishable by death. The Holy Bible killed Jesus Christ, the same Holy Bible that is currently leading you all into the nuclear inferno of world war 3 against each other. World War has already begun. 911 was the first shot. We are now in the midst of a Crusade.

     Of course, Jesus did not have to say anything to anyone. He could have kept his thoughts to himself. He did not have to go to Jerusalem to the Temple. He could have lived quietly in Nazareth or Egypt or India. Perhaps he should have let it be. No one forced him to break the Bible laws.

     When the Christian people of today set aside their Holy Bibles, Jesus called them Trojan Horses, Devils' Golden Cows except for the stone tablets, only then can they begin to even think of criticizing the Jewish High Priest Caiphas for not setting his Old Testament aside 2,000 years ago. People are scared stiff to do it. They believe that God will burn them in Hell if they do. They would rather burn alive Bible in hand than listen to Jesus and burn their Holy Bibles except for the 2 tablets now. People brainwashed from birth are immune from the truth and the facts. When the truth enters their brains antibodies attack and kill the true facts as if they were hostile invaders. Do not let your blind guides, Jesus called them, lead you like lambs to the slaughter. Jesus said that your Bibles were laced with deadly snake venom. He said that your Bibles are murder manuals, man made licenses to commit murder, ticking time bombs strapped to your chest about to explode, except for the 2 tablets. 

     Not only were the Jewish people of the day innocent of murdering Jesus Christ, but the Romans were also innocent. The Romans had their own laws flowing from one of their own Gods, the Roman Emperor. And one of the laws was the crime against sedition. Jesus, The King of the Jews totally got caught in the same Bible trap ensnaring you all today.

     In 33 AD, Rome, the Roman Empire occupied Israel. The Romans had their own Governor Pontius Pilate running Israel. They also had puppet Rulers in Israel, the sons of the non Jewish Arab Herod. The Jewish people knew that Jesus was the rightful heir to the throne of Israel, the direct descendant of King David, the anointed King of the Jews, the Messiah and they cheered him on his way into Jerusalem and in the Temple screaming, "Hosanna (Praise, SAVE) Jesus Son of David." (Matthew 21:14).

     They fully believed their Bibles, Psalm 2, and Isaiah chapter 9 that Jesus (Joshua) would smite the Roman Empire and conquer the world for them with a rod of iron smashing Rome to bits as God helped Moses part the Red Sea and drown the Egyptian army, and free the Jewish people from bondage from the Roman Empire. Just by virtue of being the rightful heir to the throne of Israel, the King of the Jews and getting the people excited about conquering Rome, Jesus was guilty of sedition and Pilate had to execute him, according to Divine Roman law. Sedition is the stirring up of discontent, resistance or rebellion against the government in power. Pilate knew Psalm 2 and Isaiah 9 from the Old Testament inside out. He didn't have television or the net to fully occupy his time.

     Pontius Pilate spoke Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Check the sign on the cross above Jesus' head. The Greek Empire occupied Israel centuries prior to the Roman Empire. The Old Testament had been translated into Greek several centuries B.C. and named the Septuagint because the Greek people loved the stories too. This was when people read. The New Testament, begun in Greek 70 years after Jesus died and edited for another 225 years by the Greek fiction writers is the sequel to the Old Testament. The Holy Christian Bible is the 1,800 page Old Testament plus the 400 page New Testament. The Classics are the fictional books written by the outstanding authors of ancient Greece and Rome - the Greek Myths. These works top anything written since. 

     These incredible ancient Greek writers used a very effective trick to drive home the moral of their story, or their central point. A fictional Myth would have 10 different versions. They would say, "but according to some people this is what really happend." This would go on 9 times. There would be 10 different stories but they all contained the one central point that the authors wanted to drive home. Then the parents would say to their children, "Look, the 10 stories of the same story are different but all of the people agreed on this one central point so it must be true." This is how they got the people to believe that Jesus was crucified despite the fact that each of the 4 Gospel accounts of the trial of Jesus are different. What you don't know, but are about to find out, is that there were numerous Christian Gospels which predated the ones kept in your Bible in which Jesus was not crucified that were edited out of your Holy Bible.

     What's with Hilary and Lindsay? How often have bitter enemies ended up becoming best friends? Only time will tell. According to Hilary much of what's written about her in the tabloids is a pack of lies. Lies sell.

     The Old Testament was a book of mostly human laws packaged in a book of fairy tales so that the people would read them, said Jesus. The Old Testament was part laws, part supermarket tabloid of the day and the Jewish people were not about to burn them. The people loved the story about Lot, the only righteous man in Sodom and Gemorrah having sex with his two young virgin daughters because he couldn't recognize them because he drank some wine. Virgins > Wine > Rapture > 911 > Crusades > Armageddon. The cancer has metastasized.

     The first 12 British Open Golf Championships were held beginning in 1860 at the Prestwick Golf Club. Prestwick is on the west coast of Scotland. Tiger Woods won the 2000 British Open at St. Andrew's, 140 years later. Tiger went into the 2001 Open championship at Royal Lytham and Saint Annes just down the coast from Prestwick as the defending Open champion. Many of you watched the 2001 Open championship on television a mere 4 years ago. What happened behind the scenes that year turned out to be far more interesting than what happened on the golf course.

     Elin Nordgren actually spells her name Elin Nordegren but because it is pronounced Elin Nordgren many people spell it Elin Nordgren and not Elin Nordegren. God of Mount Sinai is also named "God the Father" by 2 billion Christian people today. 1 billion Muslim people call him, their God of Mount Sinai "Allah", meaning God in Arabic. 18 million Jewish people call him, their God of Mount Sinai, "Elohim", meaning God in Hebrew. These language differences have led to the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people not understanding that they all believe in the exact same God of Mount Sinai and they are all now engaged in the beginning of nuclear world war 3 against each other because they all consider each other to be non believers in God of Mount Sinai, when in fact they are all believers in God of Mount Sinai. It is like one group of people believing that Elin Nordgren is the Goddess of Love nuking another group because they believe that Elin Nordegren is the Goddess of Love. On the tombstone of humanity our epitaph will read, "Killed each other over a typo." In fact everyone in Rome knows that the Goddess of Love is Aphrodite who the Romans renamed Venus. "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire", said Rob van Leeuwen.   

     Jesper Parnevik pronounced Yesper Parnevik is a Swedish golf professional who wears hot pink and lime green golf pants and a baseball cap with the bill turned up. Jesper is the son of Bo Parnevik. Bo Parnevik is to Sweden what Bob Hope and Rich Little are to America, a legendary comedian, impersonator and folk hero. Perhaps Jesper's colorful dress is an attempt to climb out from his father's shadow. In the year 2000 Jesper Parnevik won the Bob Hope Desert Classic and the Byron Nelson Classic. In 2001 in the spring leading up to the British Open Jesper Parnevik won the Honda Classic. He was one of the hottest golfers in the world. Do you remember? Jesper Parnevik is married to Mia and they have 3 daughters. At the time of the British Open in July 2001, Ida Josefin Peg aka Penny was 4 years old, Phillipas was 2, and baby Phoenix was 4 months old. Their nanny chasing them all over Royal Lytham and Saint Anne's Golf Course was an unknown moderately successful bikini model named Elin Nordegren aka Elin Nordgren who has a twin sister Josefin Nordegren aka Josefin Nordgren. They were like the Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky living in relative obscurity until Paris Hilton shot to superstardom in the classic film "1 Night in Paris."

     In what was perhaps an omen the three Swedish golfers entered in the 2001 Open Championship figured prominently in the tournament. After day 2 little known Pierre Fulke sat in second place 1 shot back of Colin Montgomerie. Nicholas Fasth finished the tournament in second place. Tiger Woods finished the Open in 25th place after shooting a 7 on the 7th on Saturday. On Friday, Frank Lickliter scored an Ace on the fifth hole. Do you remember? Do you remember who won the tournament? It was televised world wide only 4 years ago and covered extensively by the world wide media, including by Jennifer Mills, Rich Lerner and Peter Paul Rubens.

     During the golf tournament Jesper Parnevik introduced his nanny Elin Nordgren aka Elin Nordegren to Tiger Woods and they began dating. Miraculously, in a feat more impressive than walking on water, Tiger and Elin kept their relationship secret from the paparazzi hordes for 10 months. In November 2003 at the President's Cup in South Africa Tiger Woods got down on his knees and begged both Elin Nordgren and Elin Nordegren for their hands in marriage at the luxury Shamwari Game Reserve. Tiger bagged the big one. Or did Ellen? We are talking about a country, South Africa, in which Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for using a white's only washroom, and then was elected President. And they say that people can't change. Elin Nordgren went from nanny to international supermodel and first lady of world wide golf because in July of 2001 in Scotland Jesper Parnevik said to Tiger Woods, "Tiger I'd like you to meet my nanny Elin Nordegren." Then the laws of nature took over. Tiger didn't finish in the top ten for the next year. Like he cared. He had better things to do. Elin and Josefin were teaching him how to diaper babies. Tiger Woods' father Earl Woods has hinted that one day Tiger Woods will accomplish feats even greater than his golfing feats. We would welcome Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to lead the people of Earth to safety as the heads of The Temple of Love. We would also be thrilled to have  David Toms and Sonya Toms and Phil Mickelson and Amy Mickelson. Saving life on Earth would give the tour wives another charitable endeavor to do while their husbands try to hit a little white ball into a hole in the ground with a stick. Elin, "Angel, guess what I did today?"

       Hearsay evidence is when witness A tries to testify what witness B told her. Hearsay evidence is not what witness A saw of the event in question with her own eyes, but what witness B told her had happened. It is unreliable second hand evidence which the courts have ruled inadmissible because when someone hears a story they always change it when they retell it. Thanks to our Bible Scholars we know that the book of Genesis was begun 400 years after Moses died, and signed said "God", and said "Moses", and said "Abraham", and said "Adam", and said "Eve", and said "the serpent" in the Garden of Eden. Modern juries are not allowed to hear hearsay testimony because it will corrupt their judgment but the people of Earth who sent golfers to the moon are following ancient hearsay right into the Apocalypse.

     These dialogues in our scriptures are fiction, millionth hand supermarket tabloid gossip, scuttlebutt, legends and fairy tales handed down orally over centuries by people who thought that the Earth was flat and never moved and never would because they read this in their scriptures, said God. Your Holy Bibles leading you all against each other right into extinction in nuclear world war 3 are fiction according to your God of Mount Sinai through every single biblical Prophet including the Messiah of Islam and Christianity Jesus Christ, right in your Holy Bibles over and over again. Who won the 2001 British Open? Name Jesper and Mia Parnevik's children. You read it 30 seconds ago while they were playing broken telephone in their classrooms in Jupiter, Florida, where they moved from Stockholm Sweden where Elin Nordgren's mother is the Minister of Immigration. Orally tell your friends this story of the 2001 British Open with all of these details and have them tell their friends and have them pass it down for the next 2 years. By then there will be thousands of different stories. Nelson Mandela will have married Nicky Hilton, said God. 

      Right now it looks like we are soon going to go extinct, but it isn't over till it's over. In 1995 John Daly had the Open Championship in his pocket at the Bethlehem of Golf, St. Andrews. Constantino Rocca, the former caddie from Bergamo, Italy, 400 miles from Rome had just chili dipped his chip shot and needed to drain a 65 foot impossible up a ledge hard breaking roller coaster miracle putt on the 18th green of the Old Course to force a playoff with JD. After Rocca dropped the greatest putt in the history of life on Earth, he fell onto his back dazed in ecstatic disbelief. John Daly composed himself to go out and win the playoff. Rocca then went on to defeat Tiger Woods 4 and 2 at the 1997 Ryder Cup at Valderamma to lead Europe to victory over the USA. John Daly, the modern Walter Hagen, the most exciting, loved and charismatic player in golf next to Tiger Woods and The King, has never been invited to represent the USA at the Ryder Cup, despite having won both the PGA and the Open Championship. Who is doing the choosing? The European Bible Writers Association? The EBWA?

     Who was Jesus? Was Jesus God? This separates Jews and Muslims from Christians. Jesus said, "Get up off your knees. Don’t call me master. There is only 1 God, God in Heaven, even for me." This is why in 325 AD at The Council of Nicaea the Church Fathers had to vote on whether or not Jesus was God. Jesus Christ was elected God, although not unanimously, by the Church Fathers. It does make a difference whether people are accused of killing a prophet or a God or a caddie, don't you think?

     The Gospels were begun by groups of authors 70 years after Jesus died, edited for another 230 years and finally completed by writers and editors 300 years after Jesus died. There is not one single eyewitness account. At the same Council of Nicaea in 325 AD where Jesus was elected God by these writers and editors, the Church Fathers had to select which Gospels to include in the New Testament and which ones to burn. Once they had selected some and discarded many other Christian Gospel books from their Canon, they then proceeded to edit the books they chose. They made extensive additions and deletions 300 years after Jesus died. These writers added in the part about Jesus being seen after his death. In some early versions of The Gospel of Matthew that survived and are in the Vatican today, the Jewish people were given a choice: not of saving Jesus or Barabbas, but the choice of saving Jesus or Jesus Barabbas. They chose to save Jesus Barabbas, meaning Jesus Son of the Father and to crucify Jesus Son of the Father. It's a code. The Jewish people chose to save Jesus. Had this fact been widely known prior to World War 2 there would have been no World War 2. 

     Do you see the source of our division? Today, March 25, 2005, the 1 billion Catholics include different books in their Holy Bible than the 1 billion Protestants include in their Holy Bible and the Greek Orthodox Church includes even different books in their Holy Bible. The infallible Pope says that the Holy Protestant Bible is baloney. The Church of England says that the Catholic Holy Bible is baloney. The Greek Orthodox Church says that both the Catholic Holy Bible and the Protestant Holy Bible are baloney. Imagine a tabloid magazine today in which the articles are signed "God". According to the disagreeing Gospel Writers, God commands the Christian people of today to obey "0, 2, 10, 613" of God's Old Testament commandments. Nice, when you consider that the New Testament, with its countless contradictions even about the trial of Jesus, is the only witness to this trial - the most inconsistent and unreliable witness you could have - jurors would be laughing their heads off at such a witness and they would disregard every word that he/she said. The entire trial is a complete fabrication, fiction, which caused a World War and is about to trigger Armageddon.

     The Gospels and the trial of Jesus also have numerous similarities to the fictional Greek Myth, the trial of Orestes. Jesus Christ Himself called your Holy Bibles poisonous deadly fiction (except for the Word of God "10ve") and the Bible Writers liars leading you all against each other into the fire over and over again. (Matt. 23). This is why Jesus said that when he returned he would command his Angels to take all of the bibles and throw them into the fire, and save God's 2 tablets. (Matt. 13:24-30 KJV). The second that you do, you have everlasting World Peace, said Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, the Jewish born Messiah of Christianity and Islam. What type of person would want to follow a God commanding the genocide of 4 billion non-Christian men, women and children? Surely not one who knew that nuclear world war 3 will have no survivors. If you want a sign that the New Testament is not an eyewitness account then do some research for yourself. Check the four Gospels to see if the name Jesus Christ was on the sign on the cross above his head. Which Gospels, meaning the absolute truth from God got it wrong? The ones saying that it was or the ones saying that it was not? The answer is David Duval. The summer of 2001 was when David finally got the major monkey off of his back. When will you all? It was an incredible relief for David Duval to finally hold the Claret Jug aloft. You all will go down in history as major champions if you can finally make everlasting World Peace. The only way to achieve this is for you all to now follow the 1 word of your God of Mount Sinai, "10ve". By definition all of you united together as one can create world peace at the United Nations overnight if you choose to. Just do it now, before it's too late. The alternative, the Nuclear Apocalypse, the end of the world is going to be worse than your worst nightmare. We're almost done. (cont. on "New Page 8" - click the button above)

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