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Who Murdered Jesus?

      Who cares? Well, you should. The belief by the Christians that the Jews murdered their God of Mount Sinai, Jesus, is a belief that just kills and keeps on killing and will continue to kill until life on Earth is no more. It has already caused the Crusades, the 3 Inquisitions, the Pogroms, the death of 20 million Christians and Jews in World War 2 (The War Against the Jews) and is even money to trigger the Apocalypse - human extinction forever on Earth - the end of the world. The next time Israel is attacked it will fire back with a large nuclear arsenal that will poison the Earth’s 1 circular sky. Why don’t you use your own mind and apply the facts to the law and decide for yourself who murdered Jesus. 

     Of course we could eliminate the whole problem by implementing your God's idea and deleting the divisive Bibles and saving the 2 tablets, the 2 fish stood upwards with the 5 loaves of bread on each now believed by 3 billion people but humans don’t like it plain and simple like "Don’t Murder".

Jesus referred to the 10 commandments as 10 lepers. Because the scribes, the Bible Writers had vomited all over them with their hundreds of useless and divisive and murderous man made commandments and stories and contaminated them, people shunned the 2 slimy smelly infected tablets. They didn't want to go near them. Leprosy is a bacterial infection that spreads. It attacks the skin and the nerves. Lepers develop skin ulcers and nodules and white scaly scabs and become deformed and their fingers fall off and their toes fall off. They lose all sensation and they cannot feel. How many hands do you have? How many fingers on each hand? How many total? How many feet do you have? How many toes on each foot? How many total? Leprosy is highly contagious. It has become a global spiritual pandemic. Jesus cleaned the lepers, the 2 stone tablets off, made them sparkly clean, made them whole again. Jesus said to the 10 lepers, "Go show yourselves to the Priests." "And as they went they were made clean." (Luke 17:11-14). Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies. He refined, shrunk, purified the commandments down to 10 from 613 as the Biblical Prophets said that the Messiah would. Then he told them to go show themselves to the Priests, that they were 10 not 613 commandments.

     It is dangerous to take symbolic parables like these literally. It's a code. Believing that your Messiah can cure leprosy and cure advanced teminal cancer leads you to believe that he can save you from nuclear bombs and it stops you from saving yourselves. You must save yourselves. You now have the blueprint. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially when there is no cure for nuclear world war 3. Did you ever think that perhaps you were being tested to see if you could survive on your own? Wouldn't this be a fabulous accomplishment? Trust me, you don't want to learn from this mistake the hard way in the nuclear inferno. It aint gonna be no Christmas Party no matter what any book says. Every book says that the world has five Oceans. Look at your daughter's globe. There is only One. Use your own eyes and your own brains and your own common sense to save yourselves.

     The question is not who murdered Jesus but who murdered God's Word the Ten Commandments and tossed them into the garbage can? Who threw the baby out with the dirty bathwater Paul? Let it be my eye. The 2 fish stood upright and the 5 loaves of bread on each are like the sun. Whether there are a thousand people on earth or 6 billion there is enough sun to shine on us all. 

     In order to understand who murdered Jesus we must ask ourselves, "Who are we?" I am not sure that you're going to love this answer. Unfortunately you need to know. It will explain a lot. Think of a human being as a container. In that container there is a bright white light God spirit the size of a large hospital. In many people there are also discarnate spirits. Also in that container there are dark cloud spirits, vicious growling baying alien upright snake-lions darting around. Demons are like your white blood cells. When a germ invades your body the white blood cells form an army and kill the germ. We needed these demons to kill off the snakes and lions and wolves to survive in the jungle for millions of years. To give them control of you in a nuclear world is suicide. All they know is war and threats and lies. Read "People of the Lie" and "Glimpses of the Devil" by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck M.D.   

     Unfortunately sometimes people develop too many white blood cells. This is called blood cancer, leukemia. The demons inside of us all are constantly chanting "Kill, Kill." This is why according to Jesus humans poisoned your Bibles with endless commandments for you all to kill each other and be rewarded by God for doing it. Jesus was doing exorcisms everywhere.  

     The fight between good and evil goes on inside of every body. Humans today suffer from spiritual leukemia. Satan has taken over control of the minds of the people of planet Earth. Satan is extemely dangerous to say the least because he hides in every one of us and in our Bibles, said God in the Bible. Jesus called all the people and the Priests snakes and he said that our Bibles had been laced with snake venom by vipers and that they would lead us all into the inferno. This is how Satan got control of us - by infiltrating our bodies and our Holy Bibles. (Matt. 23).

It is too hard for us to accept that we have an evil side. It makes us feel bad. We like feeling good. We are ruled by our emotions. We do what feels good and we shun what feels bad. This leads to bedding multiple partners which causes AIDS pandemics. Believing that we are Angels and that we are going to Heaven makes us feel good. It also makes us feel good to blame others for our problems, to scapegoat them, to call them Devils even when they are not any different from us. These falsehoods will soon lead to our extinction.

     Whether or not you are a good person has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin. It has to do with which colored spirits inside of you that you choose to give control to - the holy white ones or the murderous black ones. Ethnic cleansing leads to incest leads to genetic mutation. What do you get when you cross an Irish American Roman Catholic woman and an Afro Venezuelan man? The answer is Mariah Carey. Would you like to throw her back into the pond, your God's gift to the world? 

     Who is black? Have you ever seen the color black? We've never seen a black person, have you? "Words are a source of misunderstanding" said the fox in "The Little Prince." "I am He as you are He as you are me and we are all together - I am the waaaaallrus" sang John, Paul, Ringo and George. Mariah Carey is right. "We belong together." We must take the outdated untrue beliefs driving us apart and hit the delete button on them now if we hope to survive. We must all now tap into our enormous capacity to love to come together now. We can all learn from each other.

     Lao Tse, the founder of Taoism with hundreds of millions of believers said that love is our strongest emotion because it attacks our minds and our hearts and our senses. Let us now all come to our senses. Forming groups gives us a feeling of warmth and boosts our egos so that we can say, "Look we are better than them." This is fine as long as we channel this need into team sports and not into warring religions and countries. We have become too technologically advanced for Nuclear World War 3. There will be zero survivors of nuclear winter and its aftermath ultraviolet summer, Donna. Every nuclear scientist knows this. Who are you waiting for to tell you this little fact? The warmongers who own the companies which control many of the politicians and media outlets? The reason that we have needed a separation of Church and State is because both are broken. Lets all fix them right now before it's too late. We can do it peacefully with our votes.

     The Holy white light spirit of God of Mount Sinai lives inside of every person on Earth. (Psalm 82:6). This means that Jesus Christ lives inside of every Muslim and Allah lives inside of every Christian. Now follow your religion and go kill your God. See what your reward will be from your God for murdering Him/Her because some book told you to after your God told you not to murder people or else he would punish you. If anyone murdered Jesus then the Jesus in them murdered the Jesus in Jesus which lives in all of us today. Heavy.  

     Do you think that not one of your Pagan grandparents went back into the light after death for 5 million years prior to the invention of Judaism 4,000 years ago and Christianity 2,000 years ago and Islam 1,400 years ago?   

     Many of us suffer from dangerous addictions. Here is the cure for a gambling addiction: Ask yourself and answer honestly, "Is gambling a source of income?" Keep an accurate record. The same approach can be taken with religions. Ask yourself, "Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism a continued source of life on Earth?"

     Look at the facts: First of all we have the Jewish Muslim Christian Middle East Crisis. Next the Muslims attacked Christian and Jewish New York and Washington on 911. Then the Christian President of the United States announced that in retaliation for 911 he was launching a Crusade. The Crusades were a thousand years ago when the Pope marched his Christian army across Europe slaughtering every Jew in their path, reclaiming the Holy Land and standing knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. So far the Christian President of the United States has conquered Muslim Iraq and Muslim Afghanistan and he is now threatening Muslim Syria and Muslim Iran. 

     The President of Muslim Iran is calling for the incineration of Jewish Israel and Christian Jewish Muslim America. And lets not forget the Muslim Al Qaeda which is trying to conquer the entire world for Islam. Right now the President of the United States, an old fashioned sheriff, who said of the Muslim Al Qaeda "Bring 'em on" is playing nicey nice with both hands tied behind his back. However when the Muslims attack the United States with Numerous 100 Megaton Nuclear Suicide Bombs as the Koran commands them to do, the American President will obliterate the Middle East, the rest of the world will get drawn in and we will all fall down like charcoaled dominoes. Nuclear World War 3 will have no winner, only losers. There will be 0 survivors.

     We are now right on the verge of the Christian Muslim Jewish Apocalypse Nuclear World War 3. Do you see now why your God of Mount Sinai God the Father aka Allah aka Elohim commanded through every single Biblical Prophet that you toss your Holy Bibles into the garbage can and save His/Her 2 stone tablets and follow them religiously in order to survive? It was to save life on Earth from an excruciating extinction. 

     Ask yourself now, "Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism a continued source of life on Earth, or is The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve a better mousetrap?" Look where Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have brought us. Jesus said that upon his return he would command his Angels to gather up the Bibles, the source of our divisions, throw them into the fire, and save the 2 tablets and bring them into God's barn, God's Temple.

     The time has now come for us all to tie ourselves together with our numerous common threads. Muslims, Christians, and Jews are 99% clones both physically and in our beliefs: belief in God > belief that there is only 1 God > belief that the One God is God of Mount Sinai > belief that God handed the 10 commandments to Moses > belief that the 10 commandments are the Divine Constitution of the Universe. This new group is called The Temple of 10ve, 10vers.

     Now we know exactly what is burning like a fire underneath the Temple of 10ve and dividing us and threatening everyone's existence - the Holy Bibles said Jesus Christ, except for the tablets. The time has now come for us to erase them, hit the delete button on them, except for the 2 tablets, said Jesus Christ, and every Biblical Prophet. 

     When you have a Constitution, the 10 commandments any law that is inconsistent with that Constitution must be struck down. This includes every bible commandment to murder innocent children just because they are outside your group, and every line in the bibles which bears false witness that the children in your group are total angels and the children outside your group are total devils. We need to take the lies and throw them into the fire now before they throw us all into the fire, said Jesus. The truth will not set you free of Satan's bonds unless you act upon it, but the lies will surely burn you all alive.

     Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck M.D. said in "People of the Lie" that the lies of Satan are endless and obvious. Satan knows that if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually believe it, especially if you sign it "God". In a nuclear age we cannot afford for 1 billion Muslims to look upon the 2 billion Christians as "The Great Satans" - this is an obvious lie. We cannot afford for the Christians to believe that Jesus is coming to kill all of the 4 billion non believing "Devils" and for the Christians to follow that lead - this is an obvious lie. We cannot afford for the Christians to look at the Jews as Christ killing devils who murdered Jesus as their bible writers, their scribes said. On the next page you will discover that this is an obvious lie. These are a sample of the endless  obvious lies of your bible writers, who your God of Mount Sinai called ignorant drunken Priests and Prophets prophesying by Satan and forging God's name to their deadly lies and falsehoods, creating for you all a shelter, a refuge of falsehoods and lies so that you all may go and fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken, through the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi, and Jesus Christ. 

     Israel is now armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. The next time that the Jewish people are attacked for a crime they did not commit, murdering Jesus they will strike back and seriously bloody the rest of the world, triggering the Apocalypse. Our bible writers, our scribes, are leading us all into extinction with their lies, said God.

     Now that we know where we are and who we are lets apply the facts of the Jesus case to the law and make our own judgment. We must root out the Tares, the poisonous weeds, beliefs, and lies that divide us and lead us to attack each other and burn them in the fire, said Jesus. The Christian belief that the Jews murdered Jesus is one such poisonous weed that must be rooted out once and for all. It is in all of our best interests. Killing innocent people for a crime that they personally did not commit or have anything to do with is murder. Murderers are punished not rewarded by God. This is commandment 6 and commandment 2. Not bearing false witness against people is commandment 9. Now it is  time to use your own mind and judge the Jesus case for yourself. Apply the facts of the case to the law and decide for yourself who murdered Jesus, or better yet, was Jesus even murdered? (cont. on "New Page 6" - click the button above)


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