The Temple of Love 

The World Peace Religion

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Christians, Muslims, Jews, Everyone else Unite! in The Temple of Love, your first step towards World Peace!

The Temple of Love
LOVE - 10ve - love

                                The World's Messiahs


     The 10 commandments are the Divine Constitution followed by civilizations millions of years more advanced than us with infinitely more firepower in order to survive. We have now reached the stage technologically where world war no longer works. The radioactive poisons from your own nuclear bombs will be blown by the wind in the Earth's 1 circular sky right back on top of you and your children. Nuclear World War 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will have zero survivors. The only way to win World War 3 is to prevent it. Only World Peace can save you now. It is our only survival option. We must all adapt to our technological change in circumstances or we all will perish. Life on Earth will be no more. We must now save ourselves and life on Earth from extinction.

     Let me ask you this: What do the two words "Don't Murder" mean? Human beings, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Everyone else are made of air, water, and earth. Is there such a thing as Muslim or Christian or Jewish air, water, or earth? "Could you please pass me the Buddhist water?" "Would you like some Christian air for your tires?" "How about some Hindu topsoil for your garden?" If we all stop murdering then we all must stop poisoning our very components to death, air, water, and earth - with poisonous man made chemicals. 

   Your car's exhaust fumes, poisonous gases, are poisonous chemicals that render the air deadly to breathe. A cancer chemical is a bullet fired out of your exhaust pipe that hits its target through inhalation then explodes in your body 5 to 10 years after impact. To ignore this is to wilfully blind yourself to your own act of murder. Cancer now kills 1 in 3 people including numerous children. Zoroastrian water filled with acid is deadly to drink. Contaminated radioactive Bahai earth will not grow crops. You cannot break the laws of nature but if you do it will break your back.

     If we Don't Murder then we cannot legalize pollution by calling it economics. We will stop the impending global warming disaster. The ice caps will not melt, the ocean will not rise and New York and all of the coastal cities will not go to the bottom of the Earth's 1 ocean. If we don't murder then we will not be allowed to legalize murdering innocent babies because they live on the other side of man made borders and outside of man made religions whose members all believe in the same God of Mount Sinai. If we don't murder then we will end War, Pollution and Crime. I know. It's easier to murder and to drink wine and cookies and to walk around a stone idol than to stop murdering. It's easier now but the Apocalypse will not be a bowl of cherries no matter what some book says.

     God made it simple. He didn't need 3 books or 3,000 pages. He only needed 2 words for the 6th commandment: "Don't Murder". An end to murder on Earth would mean World Peace and crystal clean air, water, and earth. This is our manual for creating the Garden of Eden right here on Earth for our children and grandchildren instead of nuclear black purple acid radioactive rain for them to choke and die on.

     Ceremonies are fun and bring us a feeling of warmth but shouldn't religion be practical too? Wouldn't everlasting world peace be a wonderful accomplishment for this generation, something to celebrate? It is our choice right now whether to be the Saviors, the Messiahs of life on Earth or the Destroyers of life on Earth forever. There are only two choices. It is up to us all to save ourselves right now!

     Jesus Christ came to purify the Word of God down to 10 commandments from 613.One of the extra 603 gave directions for giving sheep haircuts. That is a human commandment signed "God". Put it up next to "Don't Murder." Which one is wonderful and powerful if you follow it and deadly if you break it? Which one is impotent? 

     Jesus said that God sowed good seed (wheat seed, bread, the ten commandments) in his field. But then while men slept, God's enemy, Satan, came and sowed Tares, poisonous weeds, (the extra 603 commandments), the seeds of your division among the wheat. Up sprang the fruit of the wheat along with the poisonous weeds choking them off. The servants asked if they should gather up the weeds. Jesus said, "No, if you gather up the Tares now you will root up the wheat, the bread along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. And in the time of the harvest, (Now, because the wheat, the 10 commandments have now spread to 2 billion Christians, 1 billion Muslims and 18 million Jews) I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the Tares, (the 3 Holy Bibles) and bind them in bundles and burn them, but gather the wheat, (The bread without which you cannot survive, the ten commandments 
into God's barn." (Matt. 13:24-30 KJV).

   It is now Harvest Time. Welcome to your God of Mount Sinai's barn, The Temple of Love, aka The Temple of 10ve. #6 of these 10 is "Don't Murder." According to the Scribes, the Bible Writers, Jesus said that when he returned he would command his Angels to throw every last Non-Christian man, woman, and child into the fire and massacre every last one of them because they all were devils, all 4 billion of them on Earth today. (Matthew 13:36-43). Would you call the genocide of 4 billion people murder? Is there anyone who really believed that when Jesus returned he would command his Angels to throw Eldrick Tiger Woods into the fire because he is a Buddhist? Jesus Christ? The Prince of Peace? Mr. Turn the Other Cheek? Mr. Pacifist? Mr. Love your Enemies? Isn't that a two stroke penalty?

   Let me ask you this: Is Jesus telling people to throw their Bibles into the fire blasphemy? Of course it is. What's worse, blasphemy, speaking your mind freely or the Genocide of 4 billion men, women and children?

     The prophet Muhammad brought the ten commandments to the one billion Muslims on Earth today. If Arnold Palmer had been a Muslim then we wouldn't be in this mess today. The Prophet Muhammad says endlessly in the Koran that the Muslims have accepted the Covenant with God of Mount Sinai. The prophet Muhammad says to the Christians, Jews, and Muslims, "God will one day bring you all together; verily God is all powerful." (Sura 2:143). That day is today, February 25, 2005. Welcome to the Temple of Love.

   According to the Muslim Hadith, two saviors will defeat Satan together, ushering in everlasting world peace forevermore. Those two saviors will be Jesus Christ and The Mahdi. The Mahdi will be preceeded by a great fire in Baghdad, Iraq. The Mahdi will correct the false, corrupted practices in Islam and Jesus will correct the false practices of Christianity. The Mahdi will abolish, repeal the present laws of Islam. The Mahdi will bring a new Constitution, the Divine Constitution, "10ve", the ten commandments, the Covenant between God and the Prophet Muhammad and a new religion, and he will bring world peace and justice to Earth together with Jesus Christ, according to the Prophet Muhammad in the Hadith.

      God said to King David, Jesus' grandfather a thousand years earlier, "You are all Gods; you are all children of God." (Psalm 82:6). United as one all of us are the Messiah. Isaiah, the Prophet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam said that the name of the Messiah would be Immanuel, meaning "God is with us." (Isaiah 7:14). God is with us because the holy white light spirit of God lives inside of every person on Earth. The white dove and the white horse of peace are symbols for the holy white light spirit of God living inside of us all. The Hindu Messiah Krishna is prophesied to return again on a flying white horse to do battle with the Devil, who will desolate the Earth. Jesus is prophesied to return to fight Satan also on a flying horse from Heaven to bring endless world peace. The Messiah is prophesied to establish world peace with justice and righteousness, (10ve), from this time forward and forevermore. (Isaiah 9:6-7; 2:1-5). The awaited Buddhist Messiah is
named the Maitreya, meaning "The Friend" or "The World Unifier."

     As we have seen, God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Ehohim, Adonai, Hashem has commanded through every Biblical Prophet including Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi, Jesus Christ and Muhammad that Judaism, Christianity and Islam be purified down to His/Her 10 commandments, His/Her 1 word "10ve", a new religion, The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve. All it will take for us all to save the world together now is that we all follow the Holy Spirit inside of us all into Paradise on Earth by following His/Her one holy word "10ve".

   By definition united as one we can all achieve world peace overnight at the United Nations if we so choose. It will only take 200 ambassadors to raise their right hands in unison and vote for world peace, and an end to war on Earth forever. Lord knows that united as one they have the power to enforce it.

     Would you like a sign? Look at your God's storehouse, barn, Temple, on the homepage. It is constructed of 1,0,v and e. Do you see? Look closely. Rearrange the pieces. Turn them upside down. Turn them all around. Put them on top of each other upside down. What are the building blocks?

     If you don't believe that people of different races and religions can get along together then you haven't worked out at the YMCA lately. A gorgeous young Muslim woman and a handsome Christian man sit at the entry desk greeting everyone with their pleasant smiles. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Chinese,
Taoists, New Agers, atheists, agnostics, blacks, whites, yellows, reds, men, women and children of all ages work out together in the same gym on the same cross trainers, treadmills, bicycles, and weight machines and they are all so happy together and so
courteous to each other and they are all in a state of bliss, euphoria from the natural runner's high, from the endorphin rush triggered in our brains by exercise. Everyone gets along beautifully at the YMCA, the Dinah Shore golf tournament, the World Cup and at the Olympics. If people from all over the world can get along together at the Major golf championships, then we can all get along together at our Temple of Love as soon as we set aside our differences. Who thought 70 years ago that today Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain, The United States, and Russia would be friends? It would have seemed like an impossibility. If that can happen then Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Everyone else can become friends in the near future. The continued existence of life on Earth depends upon it, upon us making it happen.

     Certain people have the ability to feel energy - both beautiful positive energy and repulsive negative energy. Any such person who has been to a Mosque during prayers or to a Gospel Church or to the Wailing Wall has felt the beautiful white light energy spirit of God. This Angel energy is not coming from Total Devils no matter what any book says. 

     Imagine the brilliant white light positive energy and feelings that we will generate in The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve where we will have live bands and where former Muslims, Christians, Jews and Everyone else sing songs together, like "One" (Love is a Temple) by U2 f. Miley Cyrus and "Where is the Love?" by the Black Eyed Peas f. Nancy Ajram and "Peace Train" by Stephen Demetre Georgiou aka Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam f. Joey Yung and "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears f. Liel and "Holiday" by Madonna Louise Ciccone aka Madonna aka Esther f. the new world peace group "10vers" pronounced "Lovers", Miley Cyrus (Christina), Nancy Ajram (Fatima), Liel (Rebecca) and Joey Yung (Omni).  

     We will sing the praises of God of Mount Sinai together, thanking God for giving us the 2 stone tablets, our Map to peaceful clean Paradise on Earth forever and for saving us all from the human made Hell that we all now stand right on the brink of. Just one man or woman now pushing one button triggering Nuclear World War 3
will end life on Earth forever. It's time now for everyone to take a deep breath, step back and disarm. Every year we give out the Nobel Peace Prize but where is the Peace? It's right here at The Temple of Love.

     Let me ask you all a question. Are you all Slaves Of Satan? Why are you all presently engaged in building your own real live nuclear inferno ozoneless sky global warming Hell on Earth? Why do you all greet each other with the word "Hello"? Do you see now where your divisions come from? What do you plan on doing about it? Your Divine knife to cut the bonds that the Devil aka Satan aka Beelzebub aka The Father of Lies has you all tied up in is your God's Word "10ve". Cut your bonds Now! Unfortunately according to your God of Mount Sinai through all of your Biblical Prophets your Holy Bibles are a double edged sword. They unite you but they divide you. You cannot afford to be divided now - you will not survive. It is time now for all of us to join God of Mount Sinai in His/Her brand new Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve. Bring your wheat and leave your tares behind. You have suffered enough. Now lets go 10vers! Run daughters of Jerusalem, Christina, Fatima, Sarah and Everygirl; Run, run for your lives into your God's Barn The Temple of Love and bring your 2 tablets and your precious families with you. God is waiting for you all to follow His/Her 1 word finally now that you know what it is. 10ve!

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