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Christians, Muslims, Jews, Everyone else Unite! in The Temple of Love, your first step towards World Peace!

The Temple of Love 
LOVE - 10ve - love    

Uncovering then Resolving Our Differences


     The Earthling Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people are 99% clones of each other who all believe in God, God of Mount Sinai, and God's 10 commandments carved by God of Mount Sinai Himself in stone at Mount Sinai in 1200 BC. So what is it that is dividing us and making us attack each other thereby threatening our very existence in a world where nuclear world war 3 will have zero survivors? What is it that is standing in the way of our only chance of survival World Peace? The answer is that we are all caught in a numbers game. We are all caught in the middle of a crossfire between battling ancient and modern legislators, priests, and prophets who cannot agree with each other. It is this dispute that will cause our extinction in the near future unless we can resolve it right now. Today we all stand right on the brink of extinction. Just one of several men or women pushing one button triggering Nuclear World War 3 and it's all over for life on earth forever. As Natalie Maines said, "The stakes are high." 

     Christianity and Islam both adopted the entire Jewish Old Testament into their Holy Scriptures, their Holy Bibles. At Mount Sinai, God of Mount Sinai procaimed 613 commandments. God carved the 10 commandments in stone Himself then God Himself spoke the 10 commandments to the children of Israel. Then, this is where the trouble begins: God takes Moses off to the side and gives him and the Jewish people and now the Christian people and the Muslim people another 603 Commandments and orders the people to obey all of them or else he will wipe them all out. The battle that we are all caught in the middle of is this: Of the 613 commandments, 10 + 603, how many came from God? It is this controversy that will soon end all life on earth forever. This is why human beings are the laughing stock, the comedy channel, of the Universe. It is a tragic comedy. Once you see what is going on you will not know whether to laugh, cry, or hide under your bed screaming in horror.

     According to the Holy Bible, the 10 commandments were carved in stone by God. Then Moses saw the children of Israel worshipping and dancing around an idol, the Golden Cow instead of worshipping God of Mount Sinai who led them out of slavery in Egypt. In his anger Moses smashed the 2 stone tablets to the ground in disgust. Then Moses went back up the mountain and wrote them out again on 2 stone tablets himself, took them back down the mountain, where they were placed in an ark, the ark of the covenant, meaning contract, our undertaking to obey all of God's Commandments in order to survive. This is the second commandment. In reality God telepathed the 10 commandments to Moses, Jesus, and the prophet Muhammad. The loaded gun at all of our heads now is this dispute: of the other 603 Commandments how many are from God?

     The 3 ancient Holy Bibles of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all contain God's 10 commandments. These 3 Holy Bibles have been inserted into our minds like computer programs. We are now all like robots programmed to kill each other. It's like some advanced race created us as their own video game so that they could manipulate us and watch us all kill each other for their own pleasure. Perhaps we are the creation of some young video gamer billions of years advanced in time. I wonder if we are as popular and fun to play as "Vice City" or its prequel "Grand Theft Auto 3". 

     O.K. Lets get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged. Lets get back to reality and our little story; the story of our impending doom arguing over how many commandments God telepathed.

     The 3rd commandment of God of Mount Sinai is "Do not take God’s name in vain." "Do not make wrongful use of God's name." "Do not write your own human laws and sign them 'God'." Lets see what happens when human beings  break this seemingly innocuous little commandment.

     The Jewish Old Testament Holy Bible is the cornerstone and foundation of Judaism Christianity and Islam. If you delete it then there is no more Christianity Judaism or Islam leading you all against each other armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. Jesus Christ, aka Joshua in Hebrew aka Yeshua in Aramaic, the Jewish born Rabbi and Bible Scholar, the Messiah of Christianity and Islam called the Old Testament, all except for the 10 commandments a Forgery! He called the Old Testament all except for the 10 commandments Human commandments signed "God" by Humans. Jesus Christ called your Holy Bible except for the ten commandments a Forgery! Did you know that? To watch the Televangelists emote you would think that there was total consensus that every word in your Holy Bible came straight out of God's mouth. How could Jesus Christ call the holy bible a Forgery?

     Galileo had a telescope. This is how he knew that the Earth was moving despite what every person on Earth and the 3 Holy Bibles thought. Our telescope to help us to see what is going on here is our Bible scholars. They will all tell you that Moses died in 1200 BC. This is when he carved the ten commandments in stone, not on parchment or paper.

     O.K. Moses died in 1200 BC. The first books of the Holy Bibles, Genesis and Exodus were begun in 800 BC, 400 years after Moses died. The book of Deuteronomy was commissioned by Jesus' grandfather 600 years before Jesus was born, King Josiah, in 600 BC. We even know the names of the prophets and priests who wrote it. The books of Numbers (how ironic) and Leviticus were written in 400 BC. All 5 books were human laws and stories signed, "Moses", and "God". The 4 Gospels were begun in 100 AD, 70 years after Jesus died and completed in 325 AD. These were signed "Jesus" and "God". The prophet Muhammad could not read or write. He adopted both the Old Testament and the New Testament for Islam. The Koran was written five decades after his death. This is all according to every Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Bible scholar.

     Now the members of each religion Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, have read their Holy Bibles and now believe the total lie that "they" are total Angels and that all of the men, women, and children in the other groups are total Devils to be massacred on the command of their God of Mount Sinai in their 3 Holy Bibles.

     Use your own mind to think now. You know that all people are combinations of good and evil. You know that you and your family members are not total angels. You know that the people outside of your group are not total Devils. Now not only does the Bible Writers’ God of Mount Sinai order his 3 children to Murder each other but he also promises them great rewards for doing so: The Rapture, Virgins, Wine with no side effects, sunshine, crystal clear streams, and Eternal Life in Paradise with God, for Murdering innocent men, women, and children. We are talking here about God of Mount Sinai who carved in stone Himself, "Don't Murder or else I will punish you, your children, and your grandchildren."

     The 10 commandments are the Word of God, that we all must live by in order to survive, according to Moses, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, and our own common sense. The rest, the Holy Bibles, are human words of wisdom laced with human words of divisive racist hatred commanding us all to kill each other which will soon burn us all alive in Nuclear World War 3 unless we now hit the delete button on them, said Jesus Christ and every one of the other Biblical Prophets.

     Have you heard of 911? Why did it happen? Well, the Muslim men who flew the 2 airplanes into the two twin towers, (2 giant stone tablets smashed to the ground), of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2,001, honestly believed that they did it on the orders of your God of Mount Sinai, who commands them in the Koran to "Kill, Make War on the Jews, Christians and non Muslims. Slay them and be slain." Furthermore, these Muslim men also honestly believed to the depths of their souls that the moment they hit the towers, they would wake up in Heavenly Eternal Paradise with God of Mount Sinai, 72 Virgins, Wine with no side effects, crystal clear streams and eighty thousand servants each because they read this in a book - that this would be their reward from God of Mount Sinai for Making War on the Christians, Jews, and non Muslims. (Koran, Chapter, Sura, 9:5, 29-30, 111, Chapter 56, "Mecca", Hadith).

     Have you heard of the Islamic State and seen their beheadings across the world? Why is this happening? Koran 47:4: "Strike off the heads of the infidels, the non Muslims." 

     The Old and the New Testament also have countless such commandments, like in Psalm 2, where God tells the Messiah to break the Heathen (King James Version), the Non Believers, like pottery with a rod of iron into millions of pieces. Unfortunately Psalm 2 and the entire Old Testament has now been adopted by all 3 religions who now believe that all non group members, every man, woman, and child, are the Heathen who God of Mount Sinai wants pulverized, who God wants them to pulverize, for great eternal rewards. 

     In retaliation for 911, the President of the United States publicly announced to the World that he was launching a Crusade. As every Muslim person knows, the Crusades were a thousand years ago when the Pope led his Christian army across Europe, massacring every Jew in their way, reclaiming the Holy Land, until the Christian soldiers stood knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. So far the President of the United States has conquered Afghanistan and Iraq, and is now threatening Syria and Iran. The Christian and Muslim and Jewish children of God of Mount Sinai are presently engaged in a World War against each other, in case you hadn't noticed because you were too busy watching Michael Jackson moon walk on the roof of his car or hang his new baby upside down off the balcony of the top floor of the Paris Hilton. 

     So, what do we do now? How do we make World Peace when our Holy Bibles forbid it? How do we unite as one? How do we uproot the source of our division? Well, God of Mount Sinai through every Biblical Prophet said that when the Messiah came he would wash away the tons of vomit spewed onto God’s 2 stone tables, God's 2 stone tablets, by the Bible Writers, with large rocks of hail, (the breaking off of the Antarctic Iceberg and 30% of the Arctic Icecap, Gigantic Icebergs), and a destroying tempest, and a storm of mighty overflowing waters, (a Tsunami, Hurricanes). (Isaiah 28:2, 7-8, 17). The Biblical Prophets were there at the time. They watched as Priests and Prophets wrote their own laws and signed them "God" in your Holy Bibles, taking God's name in vain, breaking God's third commandment. They knew that this sin would lead to our extinction and they railed against the taking of God’s name in vain. God said through Prophet Isaiah that these Bible Forging Priests and Prophets were creating for the people a shelter, a refuge, of lies and falsehoods, (Isaiah 28:14-15) which would cause the people to fall backward and be broken and ensnared and taken. (Isaiah 28:9-13). A shelter of deadly extinction causing lies, like Christian children are devils, and Jewish children are devils, and Muslim children are devils, and all of the children outside of your group are devils. Your religions are the root of these deadly lies - your religions are broken - we are now fixing them, purifying them down to their essence.

     A person who holds up a forgery as the truth is also guilty of the crime of forgery. Forging God's Will is no laughing matter according to God of Mount Sinai through every Biblical Prophet. God in the Holy Bible tells these Priests and Prophets who wrote your Holy Bibles, "You prophesy by Baal, Beelzebub, Satan!" (Jeremiah 2:8). This is the Holy Scripture of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

     God called His 2 stone tablets put together, the 10 commandments, the Word "10ve", His covenant with Moses, aka Levi, a wall, a  levee to protect All the People of Earth. He accused the Bible Writers of painting over His Word, His wall, His levee with their own whitewash, so that the people could not see the Divine Word, but only the human word. God vowed that in his anger he would bring a deluge (a great flood) of rain, great hailstones and a stormy wind to break down their weak, dangerous contaminated levee and kill the people behind it and wipe out the people who did this, so that the people would know the power of God and the power of the Word of God, and the weakness and the danger of the word of liars. (Ezekiel 13:1-22). God vowed to save the people from their lies and falsehoods and forgeries. God called the Bible writers "Jackals"! God said, "They say, 'Says the Lord', when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they wait for the fulfillment of their word!" (Ezekiel 13:6). Your God of Mount Sinai called your Holy Bible Writers Forgers of His Will! A person who holds up a forgery as the truth is also guilty of the crime of forgery. Would you rather be protected by a man made levee or a God made levee?

     According to the accurate translation of the Hebrew Tanach, the Old Testament, God said of the scribes, the Bible Writers: "They reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are confused with wine, they err in vision, they stumble in giving judgment. All tables (the stone tablets) are covered with filthy vomit; no place is clean." Your God of Mount Sinai aka God The Father aka Jesus Christ aka The Holy Spirit aka Allah aka Elohim accused your Holy Bible Writers of being ignorant drunks leading you all into disaster by covering His Word, his 2 stone tables, His divine word "10ve", with their own filthy vomit,  your Holy Bibles. (Isaiah 28:7-15).

     God said of the Messiah, "See, the Lord has One who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, with his hand he will hurl them (the Bible Writers and those who follow these Bibles) down to the Earth." (Isaiah 28:2). (He or She will tell the people the truth, the whole story.) God of Mount Sinai said in the Tanach, the Old Testament of Christianity Islam and Judaism, accurately translated from the Hebrew, that your Holy Bible writers wrote "commandment upon commandment, line upon line, here a little, there a little; in order that we all may go and fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken." (Isaiah 28:13).

     The Biblical Prophet Malachi watched as the Priests and Prophets forged the Old Testament books of Numbers and Leviticus in the 5th century BC, 700 years after Moses died, and signed their own words "Moses", and "God", and God said through the Prophet Malachi, "See I am sending my Messenger (Messiah) to prepare the way before me, and the Lord who you seek will suddenly come to his Temple. The Messenger of the covenant in whom you delight indeed he is coming." (Malachi 3:1). God accused the Bible Writers of putting their own polluted food (The Holy Bible) on his altar, his stone table, so that God's table, God's Word, "10ve", may be despised. God called the extra 603 commandments "Feces"! God cursed the Bible Writers and their offspring and vowed to spread the feces on their faces! (Malachi 2:1-3). God called his covenant with Moses, Levi, the 10 commandments the "Truth". He accused the Bible Writers of turning aside from God's way, causing many to stumble in their instruction, corrupting, polluting, His 10 commandments with their own drunken instruction.

     God said that he was sending his Messiah (Messenger) to His Temple, The Messenger of the Covenant, to Refine the Bibles, to rid them of the forgeries, the impurities, the lies, the falsehoods, the fabrications, the racist divisive hatred, the feces, the vomit, the whitewash, and the murderous and divisive commandments placed into your Holy Bibles by your Bible Writers, i.e., the Human forgeries signed "God",  that caused The Crusades, the 300 year Inquisition, the Pogroms, WW2, the Middle East Crisis, the Muslim 911, the retaliatory Christian Crusade and are now leading us all into the Apocalypse, the sudden violent end of life on Earth forever. God said that The Messiah would scrub the 2 tablets, God's stone table, God's protective wall, levee off with soap and shrink and clean your Holy Bible down with fuller's soap, back down to God's 10 commandments, back down to your God of Mount Sinai's 1 Word, "10ve". (Malachi 3:5-6). All that the human race needs to do to survive and to create the Garden of Eden on Earth is to follow 1 single word of their God of Mount Sinai, "10ve", and erase the rest, said your own God of Mount Sinai through every single Biblical Prophet.

     God called your Bible Writers "Robbers", for stealing His name, for taking His name in Vain, and he cursed them. God calls His Word a tithe, a small part, food, and commands the Priests to bring it into his storehouse. (Barn, Temple). God says, "Put My Word, My 10 commandments, to the test. See if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing." (Malachi 3). God vows to burn the arrogant and evil Bible Writers and those who hold up the Holy Bible as the Word of God in the fire, their roots and their branches, their parents and their grandparents, their children and their grandchildren. God says that for those who revered His Name, and followed His Word, "10ve", the 10 commandments, they will tread down the wicked ones who follow the Holy Bibles, they will be ashes under their feet; God will burn them alive." (Malachi 4). 

     The violent video game that we are all acting in today is called "Battle of the Prophets 603". Can the actors in a video game rewrite the script controlling them to shoot each other dead, beat their rifles into golf clubs, make peace with each other, form a foresome and shoot a round of golf together? Hopefully the answer to that question is "Yes" because that is the only hope of our species Homo sapiens surviving and not going extinct like the Homo erectus and Homo habilis. 

     When Jesus Christ said that he had come to fulfill the Prophets, it was these Biblical Propecies he spoke of, and when Jesus Christ said that we must obey every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God, he was speaking of the only words spoken by God to the entire nation of Israel, the 10 commandments. Jesus Christ referred to the Ten Commandments of God as Ten Virgins, the Kingdom of Heaven and on Earth because to this day they are still maidens, they have never been tried. (Matt. 25:1). Jesus came to purify the Word of God down to 10 commandments from the 613 commandments in the Old Testament. 

     Today Christianity, Islam and Judaism are leading you all against each other into the Apocalypse. Your God of Mount Sinai does not believe in any of these three religions. He says so endlessly right in your Holy Bibles. So why do you believe in these religions? Why are you following these three religions into the extinction of life on Earth forever?

The Temple of 10ve is purified Judaism according to Elohim right in your Holy Bible. The Temple of 10ve is purified Christianity according to God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit right in your Holy Bible. The Temple of 10ve is purified Islam according to Allah right in your Holy Bible. Purified Judaism is purified Christianity is purified Islam is The Temple of 10ve. We all have God and the purified word of God "10ve". The word "10ve" is the message sent by God to the Prophets of every Religion ever. Following 1 Divine Word now, "10ve", is the way for us all to achieve everlasting World Peace on Earth. Following 1 Divine Word now, "10ve", is the way that we will save life on Earth from extinction ourselves.  

     I can hear you all now: "This won't work, we already have the 10 commandments and we're still in this mess."

     Well, had there been no Holy Bibles, just God's 10 commandments, then there would have been no world war 2, no Middle East Crisis, no Muslim 911, and no retaliatory Christian Crusade, which is now escalating into the Apocalypse, the sudden violent end of all life on Earth forever. In the near future, when the Muslims hit New York and Washington and L.A., it will not be with box cutters. It will be with gigantic 100 Megaton Titan and Atlas Nuclear Rockets that split into 8 in midair, purchased with vast amounts of oil money from hungry nations like Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea and then all Hell will break loose on Earth; we will all be consumed in the world nuclear fire and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer. Pakistan, a Muslim nation, a fragile dictatorship already has nuclear bombs. Iran, terrified of the onrushing Crusaders, has already purchased nuclear rockets from Russia and built nuclear reactors and is now enriching their own uranium for nuclear bombs. It only took the United States 50 years to go from having 2 nuclear bombs to 25,000. Russia now has 25,000. How long will it take the Muslim countries to purchase and produce 25,000 100 Megaton nuclear suicide bombs with nuclear rockets that can strike anywhere on Earth? Israel already has thousands of nuclear bombs.

     Nuclear World War 3 will have no winner, only losers. We have outsmarted ourselves. We have become too technologically advanced for the fast approaching fires of Nuclear World War 3 and its aftermath. We will all be consumed. This is why Jesus Christ said to the Scribes, the Bible Writers, and to those who worshipped their Holy Bibles, "You venomous snakes, you brood of vipers, how can you escape from being sentenced to burn alive in the fire altars of Gehenna?!!" (accurately translated from the Greek) Matt. 23:33. Jesus called the Bible Writers snakes, devils, because they spewed their racist divisive deadly venomous poison right into your Holy Bibles - which will soon kill us all by leading us all against each other in Nuclear World War 3 unless we Now scrub our God of Mount Sinai's 2 stone tablets clean of their filth as God of Mount Sinai aka Jesus Christ aka Allah aka Elohim (a rose by any other name is still a rose) commanded us all to do through every single Biblical Prophet. As you will see on the next page, Jesus Christ said that upon his return he would command his Angels to gather up all of the Bibles and throw them into the fire. He said that he would order his Angels to bring God's 2 stone tablets and all of God's children into God's Barn, God's Temple. It is now purification time. The time has come for all of us, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Everyone else to tie ourselves together with our common threads and our common sense and our desire to survive - and to resolve, wash away, scrub away, set aside, erase, hit the delete button on all of our differences once and for all before these differences wipe us all out forever. Christians, Muslims, Jews and Everyone else on Earth, Welcome to The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve. (cont. on "New Page 4" - click the button above)


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