The Temple of Love 

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Christians, Muslims, Jews, Everyone else Unite! in The Temple of Love, your first step towards World Peace!

The Temple of Love
LOVE - 10ve - love


Uniting as One with Love and Our Common Threads

   Things have changed on Earth in the last 60 years. Human beings have become too intelligent. Human beings have become too technologically advanced for war. Nuclear World War 3 will have Zero Survivors. Every scientist knows this. Here is the reason why: In World War 2 in 1945 there were two 50 Kiloton nuclear bombs on Earth. Today there are 50,000 nuclear bombs on Earth and these are 100 Megaton Nuclear Bombs which split into 8 nuclear rockets in mid air each with a specific target. There is no defense against 400,000 nuclear bombs raining down upon the entire Earth like a heavy boot on an ant. The 400,000 mega mushroom clouds from Nuclear World War 3 will form 1 black and purple radioactive poison cloud and cover the little ball called Earth’s entire 1 circular sky for 1 whole year. During this year the sun will be blotted out from the sky and black eternally radioactive soot will pour down from the Heavens and turn the Earth into a filthy permanently desolate version of Mars. There will be no sunshine on Earth for the 1 year of Nuclear Winter. Hell on Earth was a prophecy about to come true. Human beings have become too intelligent. We couldn't have descended from monkeys. They aren't smart enough to do this to themselves and their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren. They also can't do this, :)

   During Nuclear Winter it will be colder on the whole darkened Earth than during the Ice Age. During the Ice Age the tropics were not affected and only there did life survive. The survivivng life then moved North as the ice finally receeded back North. However this time unlike the Ice Age the whole world including the equator and the tropics will have no sun and life there will freeze and die and ice over also. The Earth will have no food and poison radioactive rain for one year. During this year of human created dark icy poisonous filthy Hell with the surviving babies screaming and dying, the radioactive dark poison cloud encircling the whole Earth will eat away All of the ozone in the sky which when pressed together now is only two pennies thick. Ozone in the stratosphere is what now protects us from the nuclear rays of the sun. Nuclear Winter will be followed by Ultraviolet Summer where lead will melt on the surface of the Earth as it does on Venus and every tree and blade of grass and person on Earth will burn away because there will be no more ozone in the Earth's sky to protect us fom the nuclear rays of the sun. No one will survive. This is why Nuclear World War 3 is not a survival option. The only path to our survival as a species in this Nuclear Age is World Peace. It is now time to call upon your strongest instinct, your survival instinct and throw away your hatreds and click on "love each other". Our hatreds for each other are about to lead us all into the abyss. The fossils tell us that life has existed on Earth for four billion years. Do you want to be known as the destroyer of all life on Earth forever or the savior of life on Earth? It is now time for you to decide.

     According to the world's greatest scientist Stephen Hawking, "Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as nuclear war, global warming, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of."

     Human beings all share the same home, a tiny ball named Earth. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Divided we are poweless to stop the Apocalypse. By definition united as One towards the common goal of preventing nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer we can create anything we like overnight including world peace at the United Nations. To think that we are God's chosen group which will escape nuclear winter and ultraviolet summer is like thinking that the earth does not move and never will and that the earth is the center of the Universe. An exploding nuclear bomb does not ask your religion before it blows you and your children to smitherines. 

   In order for life on Earth to continue we must all now tie ourselves together with love and our common threads and root out our differences and burn them in the fire before they burn then freeze then burn us all in the nuclear inferno and its aftermath. The fact that we are now too technologically advanced for nuclear world war is a change in our circumstances. We must now adapt to this change in our circumstances. We must now change our behavior because of this change in our circumstances. We must all now evolve into a peaceful species if we hope to survive. Otherwise human beings will become extinct in the very near future and we will take the rest of life on earth with us. :(

     So, what do all Jews, Christians and Muslims have in common other than the fact that we are all Earthlings sharing the same home, a tiny ball named Earth? And other than the fact that we all have human DNA? And besides the fact that for the 5 million years prior to the invention of Judaism 4,000 years ago we all had the exact same Pagan grandparents and bloodlines?

     Well first of all we all believe in God. Secondly, unlike Pagans and ancient Greeks and ancient Romans we all believe that there is only one God and not many Gods. Third, the 1 billion Muslims, 2 billion Christians and 18 million Jewish people on Earth today all believe that God is the God who gave the 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai 3,200 years ago. Lets call Him/Her God of Mount Sinai. Fourth, we all believe that the 10 commandments are the Word of God, God’s Law, God’s Constitution. This isn't widely known, but the Christians and Muslims both believe that the Jewish born Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, was born to a virgin, Mary, and that he was the Messiah. (Koran Sura, Chapter, 3:40-43).

     Who is Sonya Toms? Sonya Toms has been married to professional golfer David Toms for 10 years. David Toms is the 10th all time leading money winner on the PGA tour. He is a warm, handsome charitable clean cut fellow who goes about his business quietly, modestly. He formed the David Toms Foundation to help abused and neglected  children, to create hope of a better life for children. David Toms is an example of what Jesus said, "When you give charity with your right hand do it so that your left hand does not know." Sonya Toms belongs to the First United Methodist Church in Shreveport La. Sonya Toms is on the family ministry team, helps with the fundraising program and attends the cornerstone Sunday School class. She is on the board of directors of the David Toms Foundation and actively helping in many other charities. Sonya has one son and a bun in the oven. The Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths have in common countless wonderful men and women just like David Toms and his wife Sonya Toms who are actively sacrificing their valuable time and money to help all of the children of the world have a better life.



     Today, despite all of their biological similarities and identical beliefs, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim people are embroiled in the beginning of world war against each other. Why? Because they all consider every man, woman and child outside of their group to be a non-group member, a non-believer, aka a heathen, infidel, goy, crusader, demon, great satan - a real live devil to be feared, hated and exterminated. They are focused on their 1% difference and completely ignoring their 99% similarity. It is time to root out this 1% difference by shining the light of truth upon the fact that it is based upon lies according to your God of Mount Sinai, aka Jesus Christ, Allah and Elohim. When will we all be believers, i.e. non devils? When everyone on Earth agrees on the number of jelly beans in the large glass jar? 

     Have we come to the point as human beings where all of those people at the racetrack who bet on the #6 horse will gang up and kill all of those people who did not? If everyone bets on the same horse all the time then how will anyone win money? And how many times at the track have you changed your own mind? Are you a non believer, an infidel, in yourself? Must you therefore now go out and kill yourself? Isn't variety in food, and clothing, and sports, and travel, the spice of life? Wouldn't the world be boring without variety? Isn't sudden enlightenment a terrific feeling - like the moment that you realized why you were shanking the ball off the earth?

     The scientific method that allowed humans to fly to the moon to play golf is to develop a theory, publish it, and then ask all of the other scientists in the world to attack it to try to prove that it is wrong. This is how we find out if the theory holds up. Religion calls saying that some Bible Laws are wrong or outdated or useless or dangerous, blasphemy, and punishes the blasphemer with death by stoning, or today by nuclear warfare. Can religion not learn from science? Can science not learn from religion? If Dave Pelz, a rocket scientist can teach Phil Mickelson how to chip and putt at his age and win the Masters, then your God of Mount Sinai can teach you all how to get along with each other. Pebble Beach has enough obstacles without radioactive sand traps. How would you improve your lie?

      Imagine this picture in your mind or draw it on a piece of paper: At the top of this circle there is a group of Homo sapiens, men, women, and children who all believe in God. Underneath draw a group of human beings who all also believe that there is only One God, God of Mount Sinai who handed the 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai 3,200 years ago. Underneath them put a group of people who all also believe that the 10 commandments, laws, rules of their God of Mount Sinai are the Divine Constitution of the Universe. Now draw a line under that last group of Earthlings. What do we have? Voila! We have every Christian, every Muslim, and every Jew on Earth today, 3 billion people united in the same group, all members of a brand new Religion of God of Mount Sinai, The Temple of Love, aka The Temple of 10ve, 10vers, suddenly loving each other!     

     On the next page you will see where the deadly lies threatening life on Earth (that the children and babies outside of your group are real live Devils who must be exterminated) are coming from. These lies are burning like a radioactive fire underneath the bottom line in our picture and leading us all against each other into the apocalypse. It is now time to hit the delete button on these lies before they hit the delete button on us all. Wouldn't you like life on Earth to continue long enough to see if Tiger Woods can break Jack Nicklaus' record? Give the guy a fair chance. (cont. on "New Page 3" - click the button above; to see what page you are on, look right up) 


                 Jennifer Love Hewitt   

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