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Christians, Muslims, Jews, Everyone else Unite! in The Temple of Love, your first step towards World Peace!

The Temple of Love
Love - 10ve - love


The World Map to Survival


   Here is your Divine Constitution, 10 rules that work. Any act that infringes these 10 rules must be made illegal. Any law that is inconsistent with these 10 laws must be struck down. This is your Supreme Law which will ensure your survival if you all follow it:


     1 First, In the first commandment God introduces Himself by two different names as the God who brought the Jewish people out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery and  bondage at the hands of the Egyptians. Now, by making these 10 rules your Constitution you are going to break the bonds that the Devil has you all tied up in leading you all right into the Apocalypse against each other armed with enormous nuclear arsenals. God says, "You shall have no other Gods but me. Do not idolize or worship or bow down to anything or anybody on the earth, in the sky, or under the sea. I am a jealous God. Do not reject me by breaking my rules."

     2 Second, The second commandment is our deal with God, the Covenant, which was entered into on our behalf by Moses, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad. If we 10ve God, who lives inside of every person on Earth and in Heaven and prove it by playing by God's 10 rules, 10ving God, then God will 10ve us for thousands of generations. On the other hand if we follow other Gods like Satan and break God's 10 rules then God will punish us, our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. 

     3 Third, Do not take God's name in vain; Do not make wrongful use of God's name. Do not hold up what God through Jesus and all the Biblical Prophets called forged human bibles calling all children outside of your group Devils and call them God's Word. Also, if a spirit speaks to a Prophet calling itself God it could well be Satan. 

     4 Fourth, Work 6 days and rest one day. If you have any doubt that the bible writers edited God's Word carved in stone then ask yourself why the 4th commandment in Exodus is different from the 4th commandment in Deuteronomy. The bible writers tacked on the Babylonian creation myth to the 4th commandment in their book of Exodus but not in their book of Deuteronomy.

     5 Fifth, Honor your mother and your father.


     6 Sixth, Don't Murder.

     7 Seventh, Do not commit adultery. If people remained virgins until marriage and only had sex with their virgin spouses then all sexually transmitted diseases would vanish. This is the law of nature. You cannot break the laws of nature but if you do they will break your back.

     8 Eighth, Do not steal.

     9 Ninth, Do not tell lies about people. Do not call sweet innocent Christian, Muslim, Jewish and all other children Devils just because you read this in a book! Use your own minds to see the truth that all people are combinations of good and evil.

     10 Tenth, Do not envy your neighbor. Count your blessings and cherish every last moment.


     Should you be angry with your Bible writers for forging the Bibles? Absolutely not. You must thank your Bible writers and your Rabbis like Jesus and your Priests and your Imams for bringing you God’s 10 rules of the Universe for how to survive.

     The Bible writing Priests, Prophets, legislators, authors, and editors found themselves in an unfortunate predicament. Unfortunately The Ten Commandments are only a bare bones skeleton law and they have no provision for punishment except by God as a means of deterrence. This is why the Bible writers were forced to write a complete criminal code and to sign their laws "God" - so that the people would obey the criminal laws. The Bible writers were the ones who got the Jewish and non Jewish people in the Holy Land, then named Canaan to stop sacrificing their first born children for centuries on fire altars to the God Baal, Beelzebub, Satan. The drummers beat their drums loudly to drown out the screaming cries of the burning babies. They were doing this in the valley of Gehenna, just south of Jerusalem. Go South, and take a rite at Frankie Valli, who thought that "Grease" was the Word, have you heard it's got truth it's got meaning.

     Fortunately the ancient Bible Writers came up with the story of God forbidding Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac to God, and they railed against and screamed at the people who were burning their babies on fire altars to the God Baal, Beelzebub, Satan for hundreds of years, and they got them to stop, by signing their laws and their threats of punishment, "God". Instead of human children, the Bible Writing Priests and Prophets got the people to sacrifice oxen and goats to God. What would you have done in that situation? The legislators had to take the name of God in vain in order to stop the murders of innocent children. They would be innocent under our law today by virtue of the defense of necessity. In fact, the Bible Writing Priests and Prophets were heroes who saved the innocent children. How could they foresee that 2,500 years later their taking of the name of God in Vain would lead us to extinction? Any Prophet saying at the time, "No, Don't take God's name in Vain even to stop the sacrificing of children" would have been seen as an insane religious fanatic and ignored to save the children.   

     In truth, who knows how many of the Bible writing Prophets' words actually did come from God? It is impossible to say precisely which words came from God, which words came from demons inside of us all and from Satan and which words came from their own minds which were sometimes impaired by opium and alcohol. Who put the Temple Prostitutes in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? Who came up with Mary Magdalene and her girlfriends? Who came up with eternal Virgins in Heaven for murdering people? Sex sells. Check your mail box.

     O.K. Where were we? The reason that the Bible Writers were forced to write the Bibles, because the 10 commandments are only a bare bones skeleton law with no provision for punishment for deterrence. The Holy Bibles are hearsay upon hearsay of ancient stories and myths handed down orally over hundreds of years, signed Adam, and Eve, and a talking snake and we don't even know where we were 30 seconds ago.

     God did not carve in stone "Don’t Kill" if you look at the accurate translation from the Hebrew. God carved in stone "Don’t Murder." Murder means that you are allowed to use self-defense. Unfortunately, God did not define self-defense and so the Bible writers were forced to. It isn’t easy. The Old Testament laws written by your Bible Writers are the very foundation of modern day civil and criminal law. Without law you have chaos and anarchy and the Satanic ritual of child sacrifice only 2,500 years ago on a planet 5 billion years old. Our ancestors were freaks and we are their clones. We are following Bibles, laws, countless divisive racist murderous commandments signed "God" by these people right into the Apocalypse, said Jesus. The theme song of the 3 Holy Bibles is "Everyone in your group is an angel going to Heaven. Everyone outside of your group is a Devil going to Hell. God commands you to kill everyone outside of your group for great eternal rewards in Heaven." Go tell the judge and jury that the reason you murdered your neighbors was because they did not belong to your religious organization.

     Our modern day criminal laws were enacted by legislators, then repealed, new ones substituted, and then these laws were molded and shaped by judges over hundreds of years of case law. The law is alive, a seamless web, a jealous mistress, always evolving, always changing. Even in the courts today new fact patterns are constantly emerging and the lawyers on both sides argue that the law supports their opposing views and the Judge is forced to make new laws. Then these laws are often changed on appeals. The problem with the Bibles is that there is no provision to update them to adapt to changing values and circumstances like 50,000 100 Megaton nuclear bombs on Earth today. In fact the bibles are filled with explosive devices designed to kill anyone who even tries to change them, to update them. It is so like authors to hate for anyone to change their words; even though they never stop editing, adding to and deleting from their own words. Jesus referred to the Holy Bible as a camel swallowed whole and stuck in your throat and choking you to death.

     And so what does self-defense mean? Well, it means whatever people say that it means. In our law today if you are assaulted and you reasonably believe that you are about to be killed or severely injured and you have no other means of preventing this then you are justified in killing your attacker. You are not guilty of any crime.

     The self-defense issue tied the Bible writers up in knots. As a result the Bible makes Jesus the Pacifist, Mr. Turn the Other Cheek, Mr. Don’t Ever Hit Back Even in Self-Defense, The Prince of Peace, sound idiotic. Jesus said: "I have NOT come to bring you Peace but the Sword." The Bible also makes God sound idiotic: "Avenge, Do NOT Avenge." "Follow my Word, You need not follow my Word." Every time that you ask the Bible whether to turn left or right, it answers, "Left, Right, Left, Right." It's like trying to get a straight answer out of a politician. Either Jesus and God were both idiots or the bible writers who wrote your bibles centuries after Moses and Jesus died and decades after the illiterate prophet Muhammad died could not agree on the issue of self defense. One  good thing about pacifism today is that if you fire a nuclear bomb, the wind in the earth's one circular sky will blow the nuclear cloud right back on top of you and your children. Imagine a tiny ball named Earth fully encircled by a black purple cloud ring with no sun for 1 year, only shivering deadly darkness. This is where we are all heading right now by following human rules and tossing God's 10 rules into the garbage can. If the garbage can then we can! "Rage, rage, against the dying of the light!", said Dylan Thomas.

     Is abortion murder given our present circumstances? Well, once upon a time there was an island. And on this island there lived rabbits and wolves. The wolves fed on the rabbits and the rabbits fed on the vegetation for millions of years. Then, along came human beings. And the human beings killed off all of the wolves. The rabbits multiplied so fast that they ate all of the vegetation. Then all of the rabbits and all of the human beings on Gilligan's Island died.

     One of our major problems is that human beings became too intelligent. They invented writing which led to spam emails which led to blogging. Humans also invented antibiotics in 1928 and they killed off their natural predators, a part of themselves, bacteria. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Who could have foreseen the dire consequences, the population explosion?  

   "Be fruitful and multiply" (Gen. 1:28) was written 2,500 years ago by Bible writers when there were under 1 million Earthlings. For 5 million years until Jesus was born the Earth had less than one million people living on it. In the past 2,000 years our population has increased astronomically to 6 billion people and it is estimated to hit 9 billion if we make it to 2050. The Earth is not large enough to feed 9 billion people. Even at 6 billion today, 30,000 children, more than the capacity of the Staples Center die of starvation each day. When nuclear armed countries with over a billion people run out of food, the starving nuclear armed people will turn into savage animals and they will attempt to conquer other nuclear armed countries for their land to feed themselves.    

   The only way to prevent this apocalyptic extinction event is to peacefully reduce our population now down to 1 million people on Earth over the next hundred years. We must use condoms and birth control pills and allow abortion as the antidote to antibiotics. We must stop having children and adopt needy orphans. Hold a lottery to see who can have children. Jesus said on his way to the cross, "God will bless the barren." Jesus also said, "God will bless the eunuchs." There is no other safe way to reverse the population explosion about to end life on Earth forever, barring some massive plague. A peaceful world in 100 years with 1 million people and no polluting will be the Garden of Eden on Earth. Think of it as a pit stop. Looking back 5 billion years seems like a split second in time. Think of the next hundred years as a split second in time in which we save the world and create Heaven on Earth.

   Hatred + Hunger + Nuclear Bombs = Our Extinction. The only way to get a different total is to change the terms of the equation. The root cause of Hunger is overpopulation. The question is not did we evolve but will we evolve and adapt to our change in circumstances in order to survive for another 100 years? On our present course the answer is no. We must use our own minds and our God given ability to solve problems in order to save life on Earth together.   

So, what will your defense be when your God asks you why you had a hand in
murdering all life on Earth forever? We suggest that you say this prayer: "Into the light, let us approach, do not shut us out, for we have sinned O Glorious God." Also, you could plead insanity because you believed in the year 2005 that the Messiah Jesus Christ would come flying down from heaven on a flying white horse to save you and your children from human made Nuclear World War 3, so you didn't know that you had to prevent it yourselves. You could say that you didn’t know that the book of Revelations (Rev. 9:17-19; Rev. 19) about the Prince Jesus on the flying white horse defeating Satan and his riders and horses was a plagiarism of the Greek Myth of Prince Bellerophon and Pegasus his flying horse who destroyed the Chimera aka Chimaera, a mythical fire breathing monster with a lion's head, a goat's body and a serpent's tale. Pegasus later got stung by a gadfly and threw Bellerophon to Earth where he landed in a thorn bush and came to an inglorious end lonely and accursed. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a trillion to 1 in the upcoming Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Here's an inside tip: Bet the farm on the 10. 

     The New Testament was first begun in Greek decades after Jesus died. The Greek Gospel authors knew the Greek Myths. Their grandparents wrote them. The Greek Goddess of all things was named Eurynome. Eurynome was immaculately conceived by a white dove and the wind. Then she took the form of a white dove. Later, as a woman, she danced upon the water. Your Gospel Writers' character Jesus who you are waiting for to save you from the man made Nuclear Apocalypse with miracles of Biblical proportions is a plagiarism of characters from the Greek Myths Eurynome, Bellerophon, Orestes and many others. The Greek Bible writers didn't have to get the people to give up their Gods - they just changed their names - just as the Romans adopted the Greek Gods by renaming them. It is hard to believe that 2 billion intelligent Christian people today are betting their very existence and the existence of their children and grandchildren on a Greek Pony Tale. 1 billion intelligent Muslim people also believe that Jesus was the Messiah, a miracle worker, born to the Virgin Mary. (Koran Sura, Chapter 3:40-43). They too are awaiting the second coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ (Sura 4:157) to save them from Armageddon. What if you are 1/4 Muslim, 1/4 Christian, 1/4 Jewish and 1/4 atheist? What will Jesus do? This is exactly what your God promised would happen to you if you followed the words of other Gods like Zeus and Satan and rejected His Word "10ve". People believe in God but they do not believe God. They think that they know better, that they are smarter. Soon we shall see. It's going to be very ugly. It's going to be a disaster of Van de Veldian proportions, the ultimate choke where we all throw it all away.

     20 million Christians and Jews died in World War 2, "The War Against the Jews", an attack on the entire Jewish race because their ancestors had allegedly murdered Jesus who turns out to be a character from the Greek Myths who was elected God by the Church Fathers 300 years after he died in 33 AD. Who did he run against? The Christian belief that the Jews murdered their God Jesus is a belief that kills and keeps on killing and is now even money to trigger the Apocalypse unless we root it out now once and for all. Jesus was a Jewish reform Rabbi and Prophet painted with Godlike qualities by the Greek New Testament scribes. God of Mount Sinai said that the Bible Writers were creating for the people a shelter, a refuge of lies and falsehoods (Isaiah 28:14-15), which would cause the people to fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken. (Isaiah 28:9-13). How about vaporized? God of Mount Sinai said that the Bible Writers "prophesied falsehood and lying divination (foretelling of the future)". God said, "They say, 'Says the Lord', when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they wait for the fulfillment of their word!" (Ezekiel 13:6). Their word: Raptures (ecstatic nuclear apocalypses - the end of the world will be Disney World), immunity from poison by faith (pollution, global warming, global Jonestown), eternal paradise in Heaven for murdering all of the Devil children outside of your group, etc." Would you rather be protected by a drunken man made levee or by a God made levee? The time has come to choose. There is one more grain of sand left in the hour glass and it is about to drop.   

      Contrary to popular belief you cannot kill God. God is very much alive inside of each and every one of you. You also cannot elect a God. God is like gravity. He/She lives inside of you and pulls on you to follow His/Her Word "10ve" no matter whether you believe in Him/Her or not and no matter what name you call Him/Her: The Holy Spirit, God the Father, Jesus, Allah, Elohim, Buddha, Indian Gods, Chinese Gods, Native Indian Gods, Michael Jordan, Oprah, etc. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in gravity or what name you give to gravity, it will still pull on you and hold you down on a ball flying thousands of miles an hour through space and also rotating quickly constantly.

     Your Holy Bible says 3 times that the Earth does not move and it never will. Galileo Galilei was jailed by the infallible, i.e. incapable of error Pope for Blasphemy for saying that in fact the Earth did move, for saying that the infallible, incapable of error Holy Bible was wrong. Galileo had a telescope. The blasphemy of Galileo was true and the Holy Bible and every person on Earth, including the Pope was wrong, except for Galileo Galilei. Jesus Christ was also a Blasphemer. Jesus Christ deleted 603 commandments from your holy bible and ordered you all to burn them, the holy bibles, the tares, the poisonous weeds choking off the word of your God "10ve" in the fire and save the 2 stone tablets of your God and follow them instead. Jesus Christ was also right. Unfortunately the holy bible makes this a crime punishable by death. You and your Priests still hold up this very same holy bible as the incapable of error absolute Gospel Word of God. 

     It is because of the obvious errors and countless contradictions and fairy tales in the Holy Bibles that the people ignore the Divine Word of their God in the Holy Bibles, "10ve", and this is the reason that we are all lost wandering in circles in the desert into nuclear world war 3 and the Apocalypse against each other today, said your God, through every Biblical Prophet. This is also why people believe in their God but they do not believe their God. They think that they are smarter - for following people who their own God referred to as a bunch of ignorant deceitful drunks. (Isaiah 28:7-15). Look at where they have led you with the shelter of lies and hatreds and false promises which they have built for you all. (Isaiah 28:14-15). Right to the brink of extinction. Just one man or woman now pushing one button and it's all over for life on Earth forever, because everyone swallowed the obvious enormous lies and false promises whole and choked to death on them. (Isaiah 28:9-13).

     According to the Koran the same Angel Gabriel from the New Testament story of the virgin birth told the prophet Muhammad that Jesus Christ was never crucified. Instead an impostor, a likeness, was crucified in Jesus' place. (Koran Sura Chapter 4:156). This was also the story in the Christian Gnostic (Knowledge) Gospels, which pre-dated the New Testament Gospels. How could the son of God allow himself to be crucified by mere mortals? Who would follow such a weakling? People wanted a God of War. One of Prince Jesus' loyal followers gave his life for Jesus Christ.

     Adam and Eve had two sons named Cain and Abel and then another son named Seth. The Sethians were a group of Gnostic Christians named after Seth. The Christian Gnostic Knowledge Gospels of Jesus Christ were found buried in the town of Naj Hammadi in Egypt in 1945. In "The Second Treatise of The Great Seth", aka "The Gospel of Seth", Jesus was speaking to Simon. Jesus Christ said to Simon, "It was another - who drank the gall and the vinegar (on the cross); it was not I (who was on the cross) - it was another Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. It was another upon whom they placed the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height (the hills) over - their error. And I was laughing at their ignorance." (Because they thought that they were crucifying me.)   

     Many of the ancient versions of the first Gospel, Mark, end at Mark 16:8. (N.R.S.V. "The Shorter Ending of Mark"). Then, someone invented the resurrection, with Jesus conquering death and being seen alive by Mary Magdalene and his disciples after his death. (Mark 16:9-20 N.R.S.V. "The Longer Ending of Mark"). This made Jesus look very powerful.

     The Church Fathers (authors, editors, article writers, bloggers, and supermarket tabloid writers who wrote 3 times, "The Earth does not move and it never will, said God") burned every single copy (they thought) of the Christian Gnostic Knowledge Gospels, in which Jesus Christ was not crucified, his impostor was, (Jesus outsmarted the mortals), at the council of Nicaea in 325 AD, where they then elected Jesus God. So we have Jesus saying in the 4 synoptic gospels kept in the New Testament, "I am God, I am not God." This is why the Church Fathers had to vote on whether or not Jesus was God. They elected Jesus God, although not unanimously. Now we find that the Christian Gospels said, "Jesus was crucified, Jesus was not crucified." The Church Fathers were forced to vote on whether or not Jesus Christ was crucified or not. They voted that he was crucified and then burned the Christian Gospels in which Jesus was not crucified. They also voted on whether Jesus was resurrected or not at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. They also voted on whether to make Judas the hero or the goat in their story.

     The Christian Gnostic Knowledge Gospels contradict the 4 Canonized Gospels endlessly. The 4 Gospels kept in the New Testament contradict themselves endlessly. The Christian Knowledge Gospels made the 4 Gospels that the Church Fathers kept in the New Testament Cannon sound ridiculous. They said that Jesus wasn’t even crucified. Had this been known prior to the War Against the Jews, World War 2, there would have been no World War 2. Twenty million Christian and Jewish children would have been saved. Miraculously one copy of these Christian Knowledge Gnostic Gospels was found buried in the Egyptian desert by an Egyptian peasant named Muhammad Ali al-Samman in 1945, the year that World War 2 ended. He didn't know what they were and used many for fuel in his stove. Somehow some survived. You will not be so lucky on your present heading Nuclear World War 3, following ancient authors and editors who signed their books "said God". (Ezekiel 13:6). Can you imagine telling these authors in 325 AD that 1,700 years down the road 3 billion people would be holding up their 2,000 pages of fiction as the word of God? They would have said that you were insane. Then they would have run to register their copyrights.

     The New Testament was written in Greek. Your modern scribes, your bible writers today in 2005 substitute their own words "Hell" and "said Jesus" anytime that Jesus says either of the words "Gehenna" or "Sheol" in the Greek manuscripts of the Gospels. This is called forgery. Why do they do this? They remove Jesus' words "Gehenna" and "Sheol" and substitute their own word "Hell" because selling people tickets to Heaven and Hell is the biggest  business in the world and it gives your religious leaders power and control over you. They will never give this up. Threatening you with eternal damnation in Hell and making you scared to death and laying guilt trips on you and bribing you with false promises of great eternal rewards for following them instead of the word of your own God "10ve" is the cornerstone technique of brainwashing people. The problem is that this game they are playing with your mind ends in your extinction.

     Your scribes, your blind guides, Jesus called them, (Matthew 23), believe that they are helping you with their forgeries, with what they call "a little pious fraud" but they are actually leading you all right into a real live wordlwide nuclear inferno Gehenna against each other, said Jesus. (Matt. 23). The road to extinction is paved with good intentions. Actually, Jesus never said the word "Hell" in his life. The New Testament was written in Greek. In the New Revised Standard Version bible anytime that Jesus says the word "Hell" there is an asterisk beside the word "Hell*". If you look in the footnotes for what Jesus actually said when your Bible has Jesus saying Hell*, Jesus actually said "Gehenna" or "Sheol". Jesus spoke of Sheol all the time. This is a classic Greek tragic comedy because "Sheol" was the place undergound where both the good and the bad spirits dwelled together after death. Anytime that Jesus says the word "Sheol", your modern Bible writers today replace it with their own word "Hell". According to Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible, after death, everyone goes to "Hell*", Sheol, both the good angel and the evil demon spirits. 

     Build your own Heaven on Earth now by coming together and following the truth, the word of your God, who lives inside of us all, (Psalm 82:6), "10ve". Will your God not reward and bless you for eternity for finally following His/Her Word now that you know what it is and for saving life on Earth from extinction at human hands and building Paradise on Earth forever yourselves? Use your own mind now. Use your own good common sense. Use your strongest instinct your survival instinct to break free of your chrysalis now. By definition united as One we can achieve World Peace overnight at the United Nations if this is what we all choose to do. How much does Peace cost? Become a beautiful multi colored butterfly, spread your four wings and fly high on the winds of change.  
     We are all rapidly approaching the point of no return. Many sage golf professionals believe that we have already passed it. We all must change course immediately in order for life on Earth to survive. Tiger still has a few swing changes to make. Vijay still has a few more balls to hit. Golf is like life only on a larger scale. Can't the Pope, the Ayatollah, the Rebbe and the Secretary General of the United Nations play a round of golf at Augusta together and work this all out? No, because their religions, their holy bibles forbid it. Their own God of Mount Sinai calls these Bibles, except for the 2 tablets, "man made forgeries signed 'God'", (Ezekiel 13:6), and "a man made shelter of lies and falsehoods which will cause you all to fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken." (Isaiah 28:7-15). 

The Bibles now need to be updated, purified down to 1 Divine Word, "10ve", the world map to survival, so that they can no longer divide us all and cause World Wars, said God of Mount Sinai through every single Biblical Prophet. Your God called your Holy Bibles except for the 2 tablets "The Word of Baal, Beelzebub, Satan". (Jeremiah 2:8). According to the Jewish born Messiah of Christianity and Islam Jesus Christ, it is now Harvest Time - time for us all to tear out by the roots and gather up the the 3 Holy Bibles, the Tares, the poisonous weeds and throw them into the fire and burn them, before they lead us all against each other into the world wide nuclear inferno of World War 3 - except for the 2 tablets. (Matt. 13:24-30 KJV). Jesus Christ lambasted the people for following the same Old Testament (except for "10ve") being followed today by Christianity, Islam and Judaism, vowing that it would lead them all to burn alive right on Earth, and this is exactly what is happening right now. (Matthew 23).

     Imagine this picture in your mind or draw it on a piece of paper: At the top of this circle there is a group of Homo sapiens, Earthlings, Human Beings, People who all believe in God. Underneath draw a group of human beings who all also believe that there is only One God, God of Mount Sinai who handed the 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai 3,200 years ago. Lets call Him/Her God. Underneath them put a group of people who all also believe that the 10 commandments, laws, rules of their God are the Divine Constitution of the Universe. Now draw a line under that last group of Earthlings. What do we have? Voila! We have every Christian, every Muslim and every Jew on Earth today, 3 billion people united in the same group, all members of a brand new Religion of God, The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve, 10vers, suddenly 10ving each other!

     Now we know exactly what is burning like a fire underneath the bottom line in our picture and dividing us and leading us all against each other. Now let us erase them, hit the delete button on them, set them aside. This is just plain common sense. This is the plan laid out by your God through every single one of His/Her Prophets. The time has now come for all of us to take great rocks of hail and an overflowing destroying tempest of water and scrub the divisive impurities, 
hatreds, lies, filth, feces, myths and vomit off of our God's 2 stone tablets as our God commanded us to do now in order to save life on Earth ourselves, like mature, enlightened adults. (click on the "New Page 3" button above).

   You are not abandoning your God in the Temple of Love, you are finally joining Him/Her. "10ve" is the message that God has sent to the Prophets of every single religion ever. We are all in the same boat today. We absolutely all need each other,
and religion, and we absolutely all must follow the 10 laws of God to save the world before it's too late, and to help to contain the savage inside of ourselves and others. However, belief in God is not required. What is required is that we all follow and live by God's 10 laws. This is the way for us to create Paradise on Earth forever ourselves. Golfers from all around the world play nicely together by the same rules. They don't worry about who wrote them. They play by them because they work. Yours aren't working too well. Look around. It is now time for all of us to switch to God's 10 rules because they work. Everyone welcome to The Temple of Love, aka The Temple of 10ve. 10ve

From 1 million Earthlings from 5 Million BC to 1 AD
to over 6 Billion Earthlings in 2000 AD                      

               Create Heaven







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