The Temple of LoveĀ 

The World Peace Religion

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Everyone else Unite! in The Temple of Love, your first step towards World Peace!

       The Temple of Love 



        Welcome to The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve, a brand new World
Religion that actually works. The Temple of Love brings people together and leads to World Peace and Human Survival instead of dividing people and causing the Middle East Crisis, the Muslim 911 and the retaliatory Christian Crusade which are now escalating into the Apocalypse, the sudden violent end of the World. Your world religions are broken - they unite people but they also divide people with the obvious falsehoods that all group members are total Angels going to heaven, all non group members are complete Devils going to Hell and  your God of Mount Sinai wants you to massacre all non group members for great eternal rewards. Didn't your God of Mount Sinai carve in stone Himself: "Don't Murder or else I will Punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren?"

       We are now going to purify your world religions down to their beautiful essence exactly as your God said to do to make world peace, and unite you all, and save life on Earth from extinction by human beings. Is slaughtering every child on Earth in the Apocalypse Murder? Of course it is Murder. It is the ultimate Murder. It is the ultimate murder suicide. Your God of Mount Sinai vowed to Punish murderers both on Earth and after. 

       Use your own mind now to climb out of this mess. Use your own experiences. You know that all people are combinations of good and evil. At The Temple of Love we don't tell you that you are an angel and the 3 children of God of Mount Sinai are devils in order to unite you. This deceptive tactic unites your group but divides all other groups and sets them all against each other, our present situation.

       The World cannot afford to be divided now in this nuclear age by your world religions when nuclear world war 3 our present heading will have zero survivors, as every nuclear scientist knows. Albert Einstein, Dwight David Eisenhower and John Fitzgerald Kennedy all said, "The only way to win World War 3 is to prevent it." This statement is infinitely more true today. Our only hope of survival is to make World Peace. Only The Temple of Love makes peace among and unites Christianity  Islam Judaism and Everyone else. The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion works because we follow your own God's world map to Peace on Earth forever.

       It is a sign of how broken your world religions are that we now have to tell the world that Christian children are not devils and Muslim children are not devils and Jewish children are not devils and all other children are not devils. Stop believing these lies. Lies will only have the power to hurt you and your precious children if you continue to believe them. Everyone is welcome here at The Temple of Love. At The Temple of Love we don't call your children devils or nuke them into oblivion because they were taught as babies that the name of God of Mount Sinai was Jesus or God the Father or The Holy Spirit or Allah or Adonai or Elohim or Wayne Gretzky or Tiger Woods. 

       If you want to write a world peace love song, first compose a few catchy melodies for your verse, bridge, and chorus. Then liberally sprinkle in these lyrics: "I love you, love, fly, set me free, peace, love, love, love, unite, fly high, set me free, love, love, world peace and love." Then get Miley Cyrus (Christina), Nancy Ajram (Fatima), Liel (Rebecca) and Joey Yung (Omni) to sing and dance in your music video along with Kanye West (nice threads), Busta Rhymes, Bono and Fred Astaire.  

      Unless we all come together as one now, we will soon be trading in the breathtaking scenes of nature, playing underneath the waterfalls on a bright sunny day, MTV, surfing the net, blogging, dancing, singing, golfing,
lush green golf courses, raindrops on roses, (a rose by any other name is still a rose),
unconditional love for our children, grandchildren, parents and spouses, Elmo, the Gilmore Girls on high definition television, strawberries and champagne, instant messaging while listening to "Stairway to Heaven" on iTunes, free internet poker and burgers and fries at the 19th hole after a hole in one -  for a real live Hell on Earth - a black sooty desolate choking permanently uninhabitable Earth, babies charred instantly into black ashes and Michelle Wie vaporized in the middle of her backswing on her way to victory in the Open Championship. Johnny Miller says, "Michelle's away!" 

       If you want to write a Religious love song, then compose your own original melodies then liberally sprinkle in these religious love song lyrics: "God, Lord, God, Lord, I love you, love, God, love, You are my Love, my Lord, my God." The world today has an abundance of Pop, Hip Hop and Religious love songs proclaiming our common love for life, love, God, and each other. So why is there so much hatred and an intense lack of love among the 3 children of God of Mount Sinai, the Christian, Muslim and Jewish people? You will see on the next pages and you will be sick. It's a joke, a tragic comedy that no author would have dared to have written because no one would have believed it. We are about to fix it now before we vaporize all of our MP3 players and the innocent children holding on to them instantly.

       Now come embark upon a voyage in which we turn the boat we are all now on, the Titanic, heading rapidly right into a giant iceberg in the icy Atlantic Ocean with no lifeboats around and sail it into the Garden of Eden on Earth, Paradise on Earth forever which we shall all now create together. Our first step will be to make peace among and unite Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Everyone else and the Countries they all live in. We do this by tying ourselves together with our numerous common threads and burning away, resolving all of our differences, including setting the record straight about the passion of the Christ once and for all. Your God through the great Prophets said that we would do this one day. That day is today if you want humanity to survive. Inside this website you will find your God's world map for uniting the world as one. Your God gave this world map to Survival to Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi and every other Prophet of God from every religion ever. You will be shocked when you see your God's plan. It's so simple. It makes such perfect sense. It works. You are not abandoning your God in The Temple of Love; you are joining Him and everyone else on Earth.

       We are certain that you will find this web sight eye opening, educational, spell binding and very entertaining. You will be seasick when you see the root cause of all of our problems. Then you will see exactly how to weed them out to save the world. We know that this sounds too good to be true but don't look a gift horse in the mouth because it's real. Unfortunately time is running very short. Today we all stand right on the brink of extinction. Just one of several men or women pushing one button triggering Nuclear World War 3 and it's all over for life on Earth forever. Now lets see how to tie ourselves together with our numerous common threads and lets see how to resolve all of our differences once and for all before these differences and divisions kill us all in the nuclear fire and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer. As Natalie Maines and Shana Hiatt said, "The stakes are high." (cont. on "New Page 2" - click the button above)

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